"DC The Comedian " is ready  to perform his    
God given talent to the World.
Welcome to "DC The Comedian"
Official Home Page

If you're looking for good, clean comedy, “DC The Comedian" will
have you rolling out of your seats and on your feet. He has
performed with such well known comedians as Jonathan
Slocumb, Tommy Davidson,  Sis. Canteloup and Marcus Wiley.

As a host and  stand up comedian, "DC The Comedian" performs
comedy for churches, banquets, fund raisers,  reunions, corporate
events, and private parties or wherever good, clean Comedy is

“DC The Comedian" is not only funny as a stand up Comedian but
has been reviewed as one of the funniest actors on stage.  As an
actor “DC The Comedian" has several credits to his name  in
numerous plays, films and commercials. "DC The Comedian" has
performed on stage with actors such as Tiny Lister, Darren Dewitt
Henson, Rapper T-Bone, and singer Tonex a.k.a B Slade.

As a host of his own Internet radio talk show The "DC" Show LIVE,
“DC The Comedian" keeps the listeners tuned in every Monday
night  to listen to his hilarious jokes and funny comments which
keeps the listeners coming back for more.

"DC The Comedian" will have your face sore and side hurting with
his side kick character “Sis. Okra Jackson” who is an elderly lady
that tells it likes its T.I.S and acts like she’s still in her early years.

So if you want to experience a moment where you can kick back
and laugh out loud, check out “DC The Comedian". The laughter
will be good for your soul.