​​Pure, Humorous, High Spirited, Unlocked, and down to earth, describes the amusing talent of the one and only “DC The Comedian."

Born and raised in Houston, Texas as Decebian Hartwell, Decebian was always known to crack jokes and make people laugh. From family gatherings, playgrounds, turning bullying comments to jokes, and being the class clown, “DC The Comedian" have been making people laugh his entire life. Using his life story of being raised by his mother, grandmother, grandfather, uncles and aunts it has allowed “DC The Comedian" to turn his struggles into laughter making his audience relate to what he has experienced growing up.

While serving in the US military, "DC The Comedian" discovered his talent and his life calling of using his God given ability to make people laugh with clean comedy. Growing up in a family of preachers, "DC The 

Comedian" uses clean comedy to entertain the world from the pulpit to the radio. “DC The Comedian" has performed as a comedian and a host at churches, schools, banquets, parties, the Comedy Showcase, Laff Stop, Cruises, The J Spot, The Comedy Store, The Improv, co-hosted a radio show, and many others. "DC The Comedian" won 1st Place in Houston, Texas in The Search For The One Comedy Talent  hosted by Comedian AKINTUNDE.

Comedian, Host, Actor and Director are just a few gifts that God has blessed "DC The Comedian" with to entertain the world. "DC The Comedian" performs in numerous stage plays where he plays comedic and dramatic roles. "DC The Comedian" has acted in a movies and appeared in commercials in surrounding areas and abroad. "DC The Comedian" has been on the set of Tyler Perry's "The Have and The Have Nots." Because of his amazing acting and comedy skills, "DC The Comedian" created two characters, Deacon Brotha Smoove and Sis. Okra Jackson two characters that will keep the crowd laughing and falling out of their seats.

Wanting to expand his comedy, "DC The Comedian" and his wife Ursula are the owners of their own production company AAA Productions. Because of his amazing talent and love for people, “DC The Comedian"  has owned and hosted his own radio show,  The “DC” Show LIVE a blog talk radio show. 

 The “DC” Show LIVE was a clean comedy talk show that was designed to keep people laughing and empowered with trendy and life related topics, special guests, and giving people the opportunity to advertise their businesses as well as their gifts and talents.

Borrowing the dirt free, fresh, skills from some of the greatest humorists like Bill Cosby, Jonathan Slocomb, Sin Bad and Flip Wilson, "DC The Comedian" has this unsoiled blend down to a fine art.  Bring the entire family! This act is all clean and all funny. “DC The Comedian” will have you  screaming with laughter and rolling out of your seat.

With three children and a wife of 27+ years as his support, manager, and motivator, he uses this flouter for most of his comic material.  “DC The Comedian"will keep it real for all to hear.